Partner: Nkwa Foundation, Agona Health Centre

Location: Breman, Eguafo, Ponkrom, Cape Coast, Ghana 

Nkwa Community Health Outreach aims to empower individuals to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to promote relevant and current information on health and the environment. Our work is focused on community outreach via group discussions, clinics, and school presentations, as well as community activism, like organizing beach clean ups and donating trash bins to local schools. They focus on the elderly, women, and children.

Public Health Internship

Interns interested in fields related to Environmental Sanitation/Health, Environmental Engineering, International Development, Health Psychology, Women’s Studies, Community Health, Environmental Programming, and Natural Resource Studies should participate in this program. Interns will receive extensive guidance and training provided by Nkwa Foundation.

Interns should have an interest in health and should be willing to administer basic diagnostic tests (blood pressure, etc.). If prior work experience does not exist, the intern should expect 1 week of training and orientation in the country prior to administering any tests individually. Interns should be familiar with gendered issues of reproductive and sexual health and demonstrate working knowledge of the complexities surrounding these issues.

The placements are based in Cape Coast, Ghana, where qualified individuals have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, while furthering their own education. We, at Nkwa Foundation, believe that learning should be holistic and have the utmost faith that this internship program will foster growth, education, and compassion in our interns.

Basic Responsibilities and Potential Tasks:

The Public Health intern will work under the supervision of the Nkwa Foundation staff and will perform the following:

  1. Health outreach to schools/communities in the Central Region in Ghana, including health presentations and active learning seminars.
  2. Medical outreach for Blood pressure/Diabetes checks in communities within the Central Region of Ghana.
  3. Women’s Outreach in Menstrual Health education, Nutrition, and Breast Health: Breast Cancer/Breast Feeding.
  4. Youth Outreach in areas of Reproductive Health, Drug Abuse, and HIV/AIDS counseling/Testing.
  5. Community Outreach in areas of Hypertension, Dehydration, and Hepatitis B.

Each intern is expected to be able to create and design presentations and seminars, as well as to be able to communicate effectively in front of a group. Therefore, public speaking skills would be beneficial. Interns should be interested in health programming and health education, and should feel comfortable in speaking to communities about health-related issues and concerns.

Interns are also welcome to conduct public health related research for academic credit, if ethics approval have been obtained by their educational institution. Our staff will assist in the implementation of data collection to ensure the success of the project. 

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