Internship Partner: Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ)

Location: ElMina, Cape Coast, Ghana

This internship takes places with Nkwa Foundation's partner organization, the Commission on Human Rights and Justice (CHRAJ), specifically in the El-Mina branch, in the outskirts of Cape Coast, Ghana.

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice exists to protect fundamental human rights and to ensure good governance for every person in Ghana. The Commission was given a broad mandate to achieve this mission by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and by its enabling Act, Act 456, in 1993. The Commission's mandate is threefold. It encompasses:

1. A National Human Rights Institution

2. An Ombudsman, an agency which ensures administrative justice

3. An anticorruption Agency for the public sector

The Commission was vested with this broad and inclusive mandate for several reasons. International standards for National Human Rights Institutions, including the Paris Principles, recommend that National Human Rights Institutions in developing countries be given a broad mandate within the constitution, so they can use their limited resources to the greatest possible effect. Additionally, issues of administrative injustice and corruption often occur along with human rights abuses, and one body can more effectively address all three (3) situations.

For more information on CHRAJ, please visit:

This internship is designed for interns and/or volunteers who have pursued at least a bachelor's degree in the following fields: political science, law, human rights, or a related field as well as a personal interest in human rights advocacy.

Responsibilities include:

1. Project research and assistance

2. Creating reports on human rights abuse cases and interviewing clients 

3. Writing reports on projects and the organization's project events.

4. Any other work or duties that may be assigned by the office's immediate supervisor

*NB: Your impact during this internship is dependent on the length of your internship. CHRAJ is looking for at least a 2 month commitment from interns.

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