Partner: Nkwa Foundation

Location: Breman, Cape Coast, Ghana 

The organic farm project seeks to unite local knowledge and modern agricultural techniques to offer economic sustainability for youths and other marginalized groups in the community. The primary objective of the organic farm project is to enable the incorporation of local knowledge into organic farming practices to ensure a continued connection with natural landscapes. Through the facilitation of workshops, the mentorships of local community members, and the creation of an agriculture cultivation data-base, interns will have the opportunity to integrate into the community and enhance the livelihood of community members. Education or experience in agriculture would be beneficial, but it is not a requirement to partake in the sustainable organic farming project.

A portion of the organic farm will be primarily focused on experimental organic agricultural techniques. With increasing demand for organic produce, both in Ghana and globally, skills-based learning of organic agricultural techniques will enable communities to create environmentally and economically sustainable livelihoods. The experimental portion of the farm can potentially be conducted using scientific methods, which will benefit individuals interested in pursuing careers in the field of sustainable agriculture.

Economic sustainability and independence through agriculture will mobilize and enable youth to become self-sufficient with respect to food. Through the organic farm project, we can also supply widows with sustenance and a livelihood.

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