How we see Community Development:

At Nkwa Foundation, we aim to target community development from all areas: health, food security, economic empowerment, and education. We believe that in order for communities to be self-sustaining and strong, their social, economic, and political pillars must be stable and built on a strong foundation.

Our projects are:

Health Outreach

Organic Farm

Community Water Project

Primary Education Schooling Project

Consultancy Services

How we approach Community Development: 

In all our projects, collaborations, and consultancy services provided, we keep the following three principles in mind to ensure sustainable community development:

1. CollaboratE with key local stakeholders.

We strongly believe that development cannot happen alone; one must cooperate with other players in the community and of the project to ensure maximum results. That is why we prioritize collaboration and partnerships with local stakeholders, as both are important to ensure project success.

2. Monitor and evaluatE community needs and project progress.

We continuously aim to improve our services and outputs in the communities. By monitoring and evaluating community needs, and our own progress, we are able to safeguard the interests of local community members and stakeholders, while achieving maximum results. Nkwa Foundation prides itself on using academic research methods, such as surveys and questionnaires and focus groups, to assess needs and monitor our impact. 

3. ProvidE expertise technical consultation while prioritizing community needs.

Through our consultancy services, we ensure that system, regulatory framework and individual projects can be designed and managed in ways that achieve community and national success without compromising the environment or the welfare of local communities and the nation at large.